Shipping is available to most major airports within the continental United States and Canada. However, COVID is causing issues with shipping to some locations. All of our puppies are shipped from Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport in Minnesota. We are experienced shippers and our puppies have always traveled well. Our puppies have never experienced adverse reactions to the shipping process.

Puppies cannot be shipped until 8 weeks of age and must be shipped at moderate temperatures in all departure and arrival cities (including any layover or transfer cities) per airline requirements.

Patience and flexability are very important due to weather and flight conditions. The health and safety of the puppy is of primary importance.

Shipping costs can fluctuate due to fuel surcharges and other fees. Shipping chages must be paid in full at least two weeks prior to delivery. The shipping costs include:
  • Airfare
  • Air Travel Health Certificate/Vet check
  • Airline approved shipping kennel
  • Food and Water dish

Unless stated otherwise, we will make the airline reservations for you.